The purpose of the German and English language publications edited by Walters Invest S.R.L is that of offering the possibility for Romanian settlements to present their investment opportunities, their natural and human potential, in order for them to have a social-economical development by attracting foreign investment. There are still sufficient unexploited natural resources in Romanian settlements, especially due to the lack of funds.

Walters Invest SRL acts precisely in order to make these resources known and to attract foreign investors to these settlements.
From its years-long experience in this area, the Walters Invest specialists have seen the interest of foreign business people in Romanian rural settlements and they act in order to inform them on investment opportunities, by editing catalogues (publications) that are freely distributed to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and to various organizations of business people in Western Europe.

For an efficient information process, publications will be edited in an A4 format, color, with a modern design and comprising well structured information and concrete data: a brief presentation of the settlement, its location, the investment opportunities and a contact person.

All investment opportunities are presented, from agriculture, industry, infrastructure, possibilities of making public-private partnerships, to tourism - as the foreign investors’ particular interest in this area is well known.
We know that your interest is also that of attracting investment to the settlements you administrate, for the commune’s sustainable development and in order to raise the inhabitants’ level of life, which is why we wish to meet you half way in this intention, by offering you the possibility of publicizing the opportunities in the commune you run. We ensure you that these will be presented in an objective manner, in a catalogue with a modern look, that will be distributed by our specialists in Western Europe.

By becoming our partners, Walters Invest, through the team of editors who specialize in the written presentation of business opportunities and the department of marketing and distribution of publications, commits to promote the investment possibilities in your commune.


publicatii de afaceri By taking part in exhibitions, publications directly reach business people interested in the Romanian economic environment. As Romania became a part of European economic and social structures, we have diversified these publications, by editing them in the English language as well.