www.primariaonline.ro is the only portal that presents local administrations in Romania, catalogued by investment opportunities that they offer and, at the same time, it offers varied and precise information (economic, social, political, administrative), that comes to the help of its members and also that of potential investors.

Only by being informed do we manage to bring a significant aid to settlements in the country, as registering with this portal brings recognition to the main areas and objectives in Romania. Through www.primariaonline.ro one benefits from numerous facilities, such as: weekly online informational newsletters, the possibility of direct interaction between the members of local administrations and those interested in the respective settlement’s potential, promotion on other sites of interest to settlements, but also through television channels.

The leaflet online.ro represents yet another instrument of information for town halls and it contains columns about development programs, details refering to accessing funds and corresponding legislation, opinion polls and monthly questionnaires, ensuring us at the same time of their active involvement.

With a continuously increasing number of visitors and a significant advancement of internet consumption, the only portal for all town halls in the country represents a real help for any local administration in the country, making the investment benefits of Romanian regions known all over the world.

Among our company’s products we mention the publication “Investment Opportunities in Romania” and the portal www.primariaonline.ro, whose beneficiaries are mainly local administrations, who can thus present their main investment opportunities in agriculture, industry, tourism and infrastructure; but also investors, both from Romania and from abroad, as texts are published in Romanian and English languages.


publicatii de afaceri The purpose of the German and English language publications edited by Walters Invest S.R.L is that of offering the possibility for Romanian settlements to present their investment opportunities, their natural and human potential [..]